About Bill's Home Repair and Remodel

 I have been a licensed contractor in the portland area since 1996. I feel fortunate in that I  truly enjoy this profession: Working with clients, architects, or my own design contributions  to create, improve, and restore home projects. I feel a responsiblity to do the best work  possible, not only to my clients, but to the natural resources that produce the materials used.

Green Building

 Green building as common sense, recycling, reusing, or donating building products whenever  possible. Also using safe alternatives to toxic materials, paints, and solvents. I also have a  high priority for air quality, taking neccesary precautions for dust control and lead paint  hazards.

In closing

 My work has always come from referrals, I'm dedicated to doing work in a timely manner,  accurate bidding, listening to, and fulfilling my clients expectations. This is the core of my  business, which has kept me busy and made new friendships over the years.

 CCB License Number:  113375
 Bonded and Insured

 Phone: 1-503-285-7915 (Cell: 1-503-752-0683)
 email: bhoyland2@yahoo.com


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